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Skyline Integrative Medicine

My education in Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong began 25 years ago in Santa Monica California.

Through my studies with Dr. Bong Dal Kim the founder of Emperor's College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I came to my most basic and deepest understandings of practice. I was simultaneously completing my degree in the chiropractic program at Southern California Health Sciences University in Whittier California. I have since then studied with a variety of Chinese Medicine Practitioners including internationally acclaimed Qigong Master Dr. Liu Dong, graduate of the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My two favorite forms are: 1000 hands Buddha and Jade Woman.

The first form, 1000 Hands Buddha, is for the heart. It is practiced to overcome a number of conditions: Anxiety, sleep disorders such as dream disturbed sleep, restless leg syndrome, difficulty falling asleep, palpitations, irregular heart beat, circulation disorders, and blood stagnation and deficiency conditions ie... anemia and cold extremities.

The second form, Jade Woman, is for balancing the hormones and the Liver Channel. It is helpful in many disorders of the reproductive system and menstrual cycle. It is also helpful in Liver diseases. It is wonderful in the treatment of breast disease and the prevention of such. The emotion associated with the Liver is anger. Jade Woman qi gong is a way to channel that emotion in a healthful way.

"Ultimately, the effectiveness of an Oriental Medicine practitioner depends upon his or her ability to be a clear conduit through which energy can flow. Beyond wisdom and intellect, this requires an open heart."
-Bong Dal Kim, OMD, L.Ac. founder of Emperor's College of T.C.M.

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