Skyline Integrative Medicine is a clinic that provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Taking a medical history is slightly different in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It not only includes the details of the mechanical trauma or injury, but also the emotional state and connection to the injury. It includes not only the immediate injury, but the history of that joint or body part. For example, "When was the first time you experienced pain in your back?" This type of inquiry may lead to a different understanding of your body and why it is continuing to hurt.

I have been in the field of natural medicine for over 20 years. It is important to be confident in one's own field, but always to stay connected to other approaches and other doctors in making sure that one's patients are getting the best care available. We use imaging services from outside radiologists, both medical and chiropractic, to support our evaluation of your condition.

Our goal is to ease your existing pain and correct its underlying causes so that you may reclaim great health. We are here to help you feel extraordinary, through an integrated approach of Chiropractic Care and Oriental Medicine. To increase your power as a health care consumer and support your involvement in your own healing, we offer education in an array of self-care techniques. Treatment modalities include:


Manipulation of the spine comes in many forms. It needs to be suited to the individual needs of the patient.

My techniques include:

1. Traditional Gonstead Adjusting which is very specific, localized, osseous release of the joints.

2. Cranio-sacral Therapy which is a non-force technique that works by relaxing the central nervous system which is turn spreads to the peripheral systems' joints and muscle layers, restoring a sense of balance and flow to the spine and nervous system. This technique is effective in treating TMJ, head injuries and traumas, chronic headaches, vertigo or dizziness, hyper-kinetic behavior and ADD in children or adults, post birth trauma, visual pathologies and generalized stress syndromes affecting the digestive system and mood.

3. A personalized technique which uses recruitment of weaker muscles around the spine disengaging the hyper-tonic groups often allowing the spine to move into greater range of motion or release with a minimal amount of force. Physically encouraging the joints to function in a balanced way often releases long standing problems and keeps them from coming back.

Try this...

Turn your head to the left and then right.

Now, lift your chest up and additionally lengthen the back of your neck near the base of the head, so that your chin drops just slightly.

Holding your body in this position you should feel an inch taller.

Maintain that state of lengthening and once again turn your head to the left and the right.

Feel the amazing difference it makes to recruit the small stabilizing muscles of the spine in freeing up greater comfort and range of motion.

Moving your body with greater awareness can take years of stress off of your joints and help them stay healthy.

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