Orthotic and Foot Care

With the use of custom fabricated orthotics patients have shown clinically to be more compliant and pain free when they are made following adjustments to the joints of the feet. 'Reported at the Miame Florida Podiatric Convention in 2002.' Making an orthotic to a foot when it is in a painful and compromised position may not be effective.

The use of orthotics alone with out the application of simple strengthening exercises to correct the alignment may not ever adequately restore normal biomechanics. Knee, hip and spinal degenerative changes resulting from improper foot mechanics may still continue.

There is a comprehensive approach available. It includes the following procedures:

  1. Gait evaluation
  2. Diagnosis of the soft tissue structures involved with the pathomechanics
  3. Myofascial release of muscles, ligaments and fascia
  4. Manipulation of the involved joints of the foot
  5. Orthotic fabrication in a non-weight bearing neutral position
  6. Exercises for strengthening weak and poorly functioning muscles

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